Saving Energy

What you will find below are lots of ideas and links showing you how you can save energy in your home and at your workplace. We have tried to make these energy saving suggestions clear and concise, and also as easy and fun to implement as possible. Each time you use one of our ideas you will reduce your energy consumption either at home or at work. At home this should help you to reduce your energy bills, which we would all like to do in this time of rising gas and electricity prices. Best of all though is that by using less energy you will be helping to do your bit towards reducing pollution in our beautiful world, helping to preserve our sometimes fragile environment, and making headway in reducing your personal carbon emissions.

We have split this energy saving page into two, one for the home, the other for the workplace, although you will find that some of the ideas are definitely interchangeable. If you have any of your own ideas how to save energy at home or at work then please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can share them with our readers here. Thank you!

Saving Energy in the Home

lightbulbarrowlightbulb offOne of the easiest things you can do at home is to turn off the lights in any rooms that you are not using, unless you need them on for security reasons.

green bulb ideaIf you have not already done so, you should seriously consider buying energy saving lightbulbs for your home. They last a lot longer than ordinary lightbulbs and reduce your electricity usage and electric bill.

green dot Check your loft insulation and improve it if it is not sufficient. This can reduce your heating bills quite substantially. If you have cavity walls, which are not insulated, investigate whether you qualify for grants to insulate them

turn off Turn off any electrical appliances that you are not using. Try and make it habit to turn things off rather than walk away and leave them on until later. It is amazing how much energy and money you can save just by doing this.

spend money There are some fantastic energy saving devices and gadgets listed here, which can help you to monitor your home energy usage and find out where you can make savings. There are also some products which can help you to control your energy use in the home.

TV Turn off the TV rather than place it on standby. The same applies to gaming consoles, dvd players, HiFi systems, etc...

green bulb idea Cook vegetables using less water and for less time. This will also make your vegetables healthier for you to eat as they will lose less nutrients to the boiling water. Use lids on pots and pans to keep the heat in.

red dotTake a shower instead of a bath and use less water.

cut Cut your heating costs! If you can turn down your heating thermostat by one degree, do so and save money on your fuel bill. Again, there are energy saving products that help to make your radiators more efficient listed here.

orange dotRegularly bleed the air from your radiators.

green bulb ideaBuy an energy saving eco kettle which allows you to boil just enough water for the number of cups you wish to fill.

Saving Energy at Work

lightbulbarrowlightbulb off How often do you see the lights switched off when a room is not in use or when the staff go home? This simple check takes seconds to do and will save a lot of energy as well as a lot off your employer's energy bill.

green bulb ideaIf turning lights off is proving to be a problem, perhaps your employer would consider installing an intelligent motion sensor lighting system that turns the lights on and off automatically when it senses people are and are not present.

computerAnother large amount of energy savings could be made by ensuring computers are shut down at the end of the owrking day and computer monitors are switched off. It's not just about saving energy and reducing unnecessary carbon emissions, it will also save your business money!

car Do you drive to work? Can you take public transport or car share instead? Perhaps you are able to cycle to work?