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Microsoft XboxIf you have some old games consoles gathering dust in some hidden corner of your room, or you want to upgrade your existing console and no longer have a need for the out of date one you are replacing, then consider recycling these through one of the great sites listed below. You can recycle your games, handhelds and main gaming consoles and many of the sites will pay you to do so.

Where you can Recycle and Sell your Game Consoles

sony playstation 3

Music Magpie is a professional site where you can recycle and sell a very good range of electronic gadgets, including the full range of gaming consoles:

It's a nice and simple site to use, clearly displaying the gaming gadgets you can get cash for when you go through the sell process. You can choose to receive your payment by BACS or cheque which is sent once the site has confirmed that your gaming system is received by them and is in the condition you described it to be when you arranged to recycle it through them. To find out how much your gaming console could be worth, use the links below (you can get even more money back for recycling by registering first with Top Cashback where you'll earn extra cash back if you click through to Music Magpie after. The links below will give you the option of doing so):

Nintendo GamecubeFinally if you have an older gaming console gathering dust somewhere in your home, this site also values your retro consoles, such as the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Game Boy, SNES, Sega Dreamcast and Megadrive models.

Recycle your Handheld Gaming Console for cash with O2

sony psp slim

(1) O2 Recycle is a very convenient and simple to use site which will pay you for recycling your unwanted handheld Nintendo or Sony gaming devices with them. They currently pay you for recycling your Nintendo DS, DS lite, 3DS, DSi, and DSi XL. You can also sell your Sony PSP, PSP 3000, PSP Go, and PSP Slim. It includes FREE postage.

Nintendo DSFind out how much your handheld gaming console is worth when selling through O2 Recycle and get extra cashback too from Top Cashback if you register with them first before clicking on to O2 Recycle. You do not have to be an O2 customer to benefit from this recycling programme. Your console should be in good working condition. Payment is by cheque/bank transfer or you can choose to receive a little extra in Amazon vouchers.

Trade in your Console Games for Cash

If you have working console games that you wish to sell, then you can use either Ziffit or alternatively again Music Magpie, both of whom offer competitive prices for your unwanted games. It's a good idea to get a quote from each one and see which of these two sites offer you the better deal for the computer games you'd like to recycle. Both are really easy sites to use and they make selling your games simple and quick to do. All you need to do is enter the game barcode into their search box and then find the game you wish to sell. You will be given a price for your game(s) and, if you are happy to trade in at that price, you can print off a FREEPOST address label (or write down the FREEPOST address) and forward your game(s) to the site if you're using Music Magpie, or use the free Collect+ service if you choose Ziffit. Once the sites have verified receipt and working order of your game(s), you will receive the payment you specified when you arranged to send the games back to them. This may be a cheque to your address, a payment to your bank, or payment via Paypal, if the site offers that option. Music Magpie also gives you the opportunity to donate all proceeds to one of the listed charities on their site. If you register with Top Cashback first when clicking through to Music Magpie above you can get even more money back for your games in the form of cashback.

Free listings to sell your gaming console and console games

Nintendo WiiIf you are in no hurry to recycle and sell your gaming consoles you might consider using Preloved first, which is a simple and easy to use online listings site where you can sell all of your unwanted gadgets, games and game consoles for free. There are no listing fees or selling fees and your selling advertisement will stay online for up to 2 months, unless you remove it following a sale. You choose the price you sell at. The site is particularly effective at promoting your listing to buyers local to you, although you can sell your item nationwide too. You can list all types of game consoles, such as Sony Playstations, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft Xbox, as well as any console games. Find out more about the site here.

If that seems like a little too much effort then use the sites already listed above or the following sites which also make it easy for you to recycle your handhelds and games.

Or Trade in your Gaming Console and Games

Trade Your Games offers you the opportunity to trade in your gaming console and games for site credit which can be used to purchase from the site itself, or you can choose to receive your credit as a payment to you by paypal, bank transfer or by cheque. It is a simple process. You enter the game name or console name into their search box and they will inform you how much they are willing to offer you for the working game/console. Sometimes the items show as 'overbought' which basically means that they site is not currently buying those items as they have enough stock and you are advised to check back at a later date or you can use a different site to sell your console or game.

If the option 'sell now' appears you can sell your game to Trade Your Games at the price shown. You simply have to checkout and await instructions by email how to send your items to the site. Upon receipt of your items, Trade Your Games will verify the condition and test the working order of these items before issuing credit to you.

note: All items must be in good condition as the site resells them, so you should only sell items to the site that you would be willing to rebuy. The site only accepts UK specifications for games and consoles and items should be with original boxing and, in the case of games, original cover artwork.

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