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Our website is all about improving our world and it's environments, through dissemination of information about social and environmental issues, and by showing you what simple actions you can take to help make a big difference. We are called Ecoants because if we all take small actions together, we can, as a whole, make a huge difference to some of the difficulties we face environmentally and socially.

As individuals, and as consumers, we have a collective power that goes beyond anything else if we use it effectively and in the right way. You can learn more about who we are and what we hope to achieve on the page about Ecoants.


Do you have a garden? It's a good time of year to consider what you will do with your garden waste as things start to grow. Have you considered composting and buying a composting bin in which you can recycle your organic household and garden waste and use it to fertilise your own garden? Learn more about composting and composting bins.

What can you do here on Ecoants?

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You can read about some of the important environmental and social issues that affect our world today and then get some positive and useful advice and ideas about how to help solve these problems. We tend to specialise in global issues such as global warming, pollution and poverty at the moment, but we do not intend to restrict ourselves to just these, as there are so many causes worth highlighting and helping.

Save Energy

an energy saving device

Learn about saving energy in the home and at work and discover a number of energy saving devices which will help you to save energy and reduce your energy bills. By preventing unnecessary waste of energy in your home you will also be helping to lower your own carbon emissions and take your part in helping to reduce pollution.

Some of the latest Environmental News

newsGlobal Carbon Emissions reach record

According to the IEA (International Energy Agency) global carbon emissions are now at a record level following a small dip last year. Whilst China and India are responsible for most of this rise, there is no doubt that much more can be done by all governments if we are to achieve targets aimed at stabilising carbon emissions. Read the full story here on the BBC website.

Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Recycle unwanted mobile/cell phones and either receive cash payments for each one which is in good order, or donate them to charity so they can benefit from you recycling. An incredible number of mobile phones (i.e. many millions) are thrown out with the rubbish each year, many of which are still working and useful to someone somewhere. Sadly these phones do not just disappear overnight but litter and pollute our planet for many years. This is not only morally wrong, but seems ludicrous when you can easily recycle them and even receive some cash back for doing so. It's easy to do from the comfort of home too! Find out where to recycle smartphones and other mobile phones.

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